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New domain and blog
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My Resume

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A CLD-qualified, highly-motivated electronics engineer with a specific interest in testing and diagnostics of electronics. My other interests are in programming where I have basic knowledge of C# and SQL programming as well as a detailed knowledge of LabVIEW and TestStand. My specialist knowledge and focus, coupled with strong communication skills, means I work very well with both technical and non-technical audiences. I also enjoy developing my own electronic projects.

November 2012 - Present                           Personal development and certified training
Certified LabVIEW Developer (October 2013)
Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (March 2013)
National Instruments LabVIEW Core 3 (2013), LabVIEW Connectivity (2013), NI TestStand 1 (2013)
CS169.1x: Software as a Service – BerkleyX (May 2013)
UT.1.01x: Energy 101 – UTAustinX (Busy with the course)
Writing for my blog –

January 2012 – 31 October 2012                Mix Telematics, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Mix Telematics specialises in fleet management, vehicle tracking and driver safety. Their product range is sold in over 100 countries and monitors approximately 500,000 vehicles worldwide.

Test Development Engineer/Firmware Tester

  • Manage field trials where firmware is installed onto staff vehicles and monitored before release
  • Develop and maintain a 24/7 regression test lab controlled by a LabVIEW application
  • Design bed-of-nail test jigs and the controlling software for automated testing
  • Design LabVIEW programs and TestStand sequences for measurement and test equipment
  • Support contract manufacturers in developing, maintaining and running automated test jigs
  • Liaise with designers, manufacturers and suppliers to deliver test systems to agreed deadlines
  • SQL Server for logging results  and C# programming for dll’s used in TestStand
  • Develop test plans and perform complete functionality testing for new firmware releases

Project Examples:
I designed a 24/7 regression test lab to continuously simulate and monitor vehicle trips. I developed the entire control which runs in a LabVIEW environment. Vehicle OBD-II data was generated and transmitted via a CAN interface while the GPS simulator was used to generate the route data.

I also designed various bed-of-nail test jigs and wrote the controlling LabVIEW and TestStand software. With the development of test jigs, and the need to log all test results, I learnt the basics of SQL Server and C# programming.

By leading on this and other projects, I learnt to successfully manage time and across multiple simultaneous projects.

June 2010 – August 2011                              ACW Technology, Southampton, England

ACW Technology is a leading electronics manufacturer specialising in product manufacturing, logistics and repair services. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, ACW provides expertise in digital, analogue and RF electronics to the industrial, commercial, defence and security industries.

Test Development Engineer

  • Develop test procedures and systems for new products using LabVIEW
  • Direct contact with clients to better define scope of test requirements
  • Design Automatic Test Equipment and programs for Teradyne systems
  • Assist with JTAG/Boundary Scan test development
  • Develop and assemble test jigs to thoroughly test products
  • Support the production and test teams to ensure that all testing runs smoothly

Project Examples:
By joining the test development team in the middle of a project with strict time constraints, I had to adjust and learn quickly. I took the lead on, and successfully completed, an automated test where the LabVIEW programme controlled 3rd party test equipment to test an aerospace PSU.

I then completed an automatic test for a battery charger and power supply on a Teradyne ATE system. I started this project half way through after taking over from a colleague. After redesigning the test fixture and writing the test program, the project was completed successfully and to deadline.

The final project that I completed was am automated test, written in LabVIEW, which tested eight GPS recovery units at once. I took the lead from the first client brief, designed the entire system and, despite being delayed by client design problems, successfully completed and delivered the project on time. Six months after I handed the project over, all 18 000 units have been successfully tested and are currently being deployed into the field.

January 2008 – April 2010                            CKR Consulting Engineers, Dubai, UAE

CKR Consulting Engineers is a leading international electrical consulting company specialising in the design of electrical and electronic infrastructure, structured cabling, fire & smoke detection, audio visual and CCTV systems. My role within the organisation is based on site at the Fairmont Palm Hotel and Resort, valued at GBP 240 million.

Electrical Engineer
  • Liaise with the main and sub-contractor to ensure that site installations are carried out in line within acceptable levels of safety and quality
  • Responsible for physical inspections of work carried out by the subcontractor and approving/rejecting works as appropriate
  • Verify the accuracy of shop drawings provided by the contractor and material submittals
  • Compile weekly quality reports for site works
  • Respond to requests for information from the subcontractor to clarify site and design variations
  • Coordinate with suppliers regarding the installation of furnishings and accessories for when construction is completed

This role provided a detailed understanding of electrical services within the construction industry. I am familiar with reading and understanding electrical construction schematics and layouts and have learnt how the design of electrical systems impacts a major project such as the Fairmont development. Liaison with other project partners, such as suppliers, subcontractors and project managers, has built strong interpersonal skills and increased my exposure to other construction-related experts.

April 2007 – November 2007                      SureGas Pty (Ltd), Dubai, UAE

SureGas develops gas detectors and systems for residential and industrial applications.

Technical Support Engineer
  • Provide technical assistance during sales cycle by advising clients on system requirements
  • System repair and maintenance during and post-installation
  • Design layouts for systems upgrades
  • Commission the final systems, managed client handovers and provided training for the end users

My position with SureGas, as the only UAE representative, taught me valuable time management as projects would run simultaneously. Managing client relationships after system installation was an important aspect of my role, and it taught me how to build trust and credibility with my customers. From a technical perspective, my role encompassed design requirements for the first time which I very much enjoyed, and debugging existing systems.

November 2003 – December 2004
January 2006 – March 2007                          Peralex Electronics Pty (Ltd), South Africa

Peralex Electronics specialises in using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and the latest communication technologies in the field of RF electronics. After working for Peralex Electronics while at university, I was offered a permanent position once I completed my degree.

Assistant Support Technician
  • Fault diagnosis, testing and debugging of systems and boards down to component level
  • Board and system functional and performance testing and debugging from initial stages to final client handover
  • Manual testing using specialised test equipment and automated testing that would be required to run over nights
  • Extensive use of a range of testing equipment and subsequent repair tools
  • On-going liaison with hardware and software designers regarding tests carried out and  offered advice on potential improvement 

Working for Peralex Electronics showed me that there are many separate stages within each project and every individual plays an important role in the project’s success. I learnt to debug individual boards and systems down to the smallest detail, as replacing damaged boards were commercially unviable. These tests were performed with the latest, state-of-the-art test equipment. I also learnt to document all test and repair outcomes for future referral purposes in order to maximize efficiency and reduce delays. 

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (82.07% course average)
BTECH: Electrical Engineering (2005)
ND: Electrical Engineering (2002 – 2004)
Thesis - Digital Locking Techniques for a Single Ultrasonic Transducer

Edgemead High School (76.33% course average)