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Friday, 13 July 2012

LabVIEW: Making a window active

A small issue that I have been trying to resolve is when a LabVIEW application runs and multiple windows are open, the need is often there to bring a window to the front as some stages of the application. 

Now I am sure there are many ways to perform this task, but the easiest and most reliable way that I found is to use the user32.dll that is part of the windows installation. This dll is easily accessed by using Call Library Function Node. This can be found in Connectivity >> Libraries & Executables.

The three methods that are used are FindWindowA, SetForegroundWindow and ShowWindow. By wiring these us and adding the correct window name that you want to bring forward, when the program is run whatever window name is selected will be brought to the front. 

There are many other tasks that can be performed by using the user32.dll. I have used it in a few other places in my programs and will add some more posts in the future of where it can be used.

To download the example VI, use this link.


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