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Monday, 10 September 2012

Raspberry Pi: Using Bottlypy to control GPIO

I have been trying for a few days now to get control over the GPIO pins through a webserver. There are a number of tutorials on the web but having very little web programming experience, I struggled to understand and follow the tutorials. 

After working through a number of examples, and not getting what I want, I came across the bottlepy framework. The tutorial on their website and the todo example show enough ways on how to get data to an html page and how to get data from an HTML page.

I have been super busy at work and also trying to get it to work so haven't had a chance yet to do a bit of an explanation on what I did.

To download the files I used click here.

You will need to edit your IP address in the file.

Change to the directory on your Raspberry Pi and run $ python3

In your browser navigate to IPaddress:8080/index then follow the links. Have a look in to see what pins I have used for the inputs and outputs.

Sorry this is so vague but as soon as I get a chance I will update this post with some more explanations.


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