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Monday, 18 March 2013

Suspension Training workout

I got a rip:60 suspension trainer for Christmas last year and have been using it on and off for the last few months. I started out doing the videos, but after a few weeks I hurt my knee running so took a few weeks off. 

Three weeks ago I started again, but this time with my own program. I used the wall chart that comes with the package and just picked a few moves that I wanted to do. I stayed away from squats and exercises that put too much pressure on my knees so concentrated mainly on upper body moves. 

Here is my routine that I have done five days a week for the last four weeks. I can already see results and will change it up next week.

Do a 10 - 15min warm up before completing any exercise.

10 reps each leg Alternating Lunge with Rear Delt Fly

15 reps Fly

10 reps Lat Pull Down

2 sets of 60 sec Plank using suspension trainer to support your feet

10 reps Tricep Extension with Roll Out

10 reps Bicep Curl

15 reps Plank with crunch to Push Up

30 sec Plank using suspension trainer to support your feet

2 sets of 60 sec Reverse Plank with Abduction

15 reps Push Ups

10 reps Hammer Curl

10 reps each side Plank with Oblique Crunch

Repeat from top once more

Balance on each leg for 30 sec with closed eyes

Stretch and cool down

That should take about 45 min so in total with warm up and cool down should be about 60 min.


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