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Monday, 14 October 2013

LabVIEW: Certified LabVIEW Developer exam

After months of preparing and wondering when I am going to get to write the National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Developer exam, I managed to get back to the UK and into the September exam.

I felt really confident going into the exam, but a little nervous not knowing what to expect. The program I had to write was similar to the example questions with a few added twists thrown in. Doing the LabVIEW Core 3 course helped a huge amount.

I walked out of the exam rather unsure what had just happened. The first two hours went rather slowly and I thought I was doing well. Then the next two hours flew past without me even realising it. I managed to get to a natural break with about 15 minutes to go. I hadn't finished all the required functions, but what I had worked as it should so I decided to stop adding more functions. Then I spent the last 15 minutes cleaning up my style and making sure that all the code was commented. This is where most of the marks come from so I wanted to make sure I got them.

I walked out the exam not really knowing what to think. I hadn't finished the entire program which was a disappointment, but I knew what I had done worked, looked good and was commented. All I could do now was to wait. 

Four weeks later and then email I had been waiting for arrived. I opened it and saw that I had PASSED. So after months of practicing, weeks of nervous waiting, I can eventually say that I am CLD certified.

I am really grateful to everyone who helped me with advice and to National Instruments who presented amazing courses. The next step now is to find a job and get working. I can't wait and am really looking forward to putting into practice the skills that I have learnt over the last few months.


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